About Our Firm

Fluid Capital Solutions is a private equity and investment firm with a primary focus on alternative investments in non-correlated assets.

Why choose Fluid Capital Solutions?

Our underlying business philosophy is to create value for our clients by providing financial services in a way that builds long-term relationships. We strive to provide our clients with intelligent and informed investment advice. Thus, we see our loyal client base as the core asset of our business.

Why is Asset Correlation Important?

It can be eye-opening to see just how closely correlated most asset classes are, especially in weak markets. If you seek to balance out high correlations of most equity classes, then you click on the read more button below to find out about our investment strategies.

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“Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it” Chinese Proverb

Our Primary Focus

Our Guiding Principals

Principal #1 Transparency

Fluid Capital Solutions is ushering in a new era of transparency through third party reporting. Even though you will have granted management authority to Fluid Capital Solutions, you should keep aware continually of the status of your account.

Principal # 2 Customization

Institutions choosing Fluid Capital Solutions will enjoy unprecedented levels of customization. In Fact, for institutions of appropriate size, we will launch a wholly owned fund. This approach ensures that your fund is uniquely tailored to your institution’s investment strategy.

Principal # 3 Accessibility

We look at accessibility in two ways. From a customer service sense, you have access to your account online 24 hr a day. This is something that is becoming standard in the business. Our allegiance is not to a bank or other organizations. It is to you. In the investors services sense, it means access to our company principals and senior decision makers on an ongoing basis.

Principal # 4 Accountability

Nobody in the industry will focus more attention on your account-or be more accountable to you– than Fluid Capital Solutions. Accountability means that our compensation is based mostly on our ability to generate profits– not on disproportioned commission fees.

Principal # 5 Agility

You’ve already seen in mutual fund market: funds getting so large, organizations getting unwieldy and top-heavy– with multiple management layers– that they lose their ability to “strike while the iron’s hot.” Fluid Capital Solutions remains agile by employing a strategy of deploying investments dollars when the time is deemded appropriate.

Principal # 6 Respect

At Fluid Capital Solutions, we recognize that we do not exist without our investors. We appreciate your confidence in us, and we respect what you have done to build your personal and/or institutional portfolios.