Asset Management

Investing in private markets

Fluid Capital Solutions invest in private assets, held outside capital markets. Our primary focus is investing in alternative investment vehicles that are not dependent on a rising real estate market or subject to the fluctuations of the stock market. We typically invest in commercial real estate assets or collateralized assets, which include but are not limited to tax lien certificates as well as senior housing and self-storage facilities throughout the United States. We create value in our investments for our clients through active and responsible ownership.

As part of our asset management services, Fluid Capital Solutions will perform all the due diligence prior to deploying capital into a particular asset. Through the holding period we monitor and manage such assets on behalf of our clients. During this time we also provide our investors full transparency by reporting valuation, accounting and the results of their capital account on a quarterly basis.

Accessing private markets

Fluid Capital Solutions specializes in providing tailored private markets investment solutions for private clients.

Access to private markets investments has traditionally been constrained by high investment commitment and a lack of liquidity during the holding period, making it prohibitive for private investors to invest. As a result, it is predominantly institutional investors who have been able to benefit from the attractive returns and diversification benefits provided by private markets asset classes. Fluid Capital Solutions has developed private markets investment solutions that are available for private individuals and overcome these high barriers to entry.