Business Development Services

Sales Strategy Assessment and Implementation of Business Plans

Are you a new business or do you have a new product or service that you would like to set up a business plan for? Not only will we set up a business plan, we will also work with you to implement a sales strategy.

Investor Relations & Lead Generation

You have a product or a service and the next step is to find out more about your market. Fluid Capital Solutions can help you build a platform to generate customized leads that will help grow your business and/or attract investment capital.

Client Profile Reports

Fluid Capital Solutions can work with you to build up your client profiles and provide these in the form of reports that can enable your sales teams to use the data to connect with similar clients elsewhere.

Complete Business Development Solutions

Perhaps you would like a business development professional to work specifically with your company and work on custom projects that you need to move forward. This may consist of working with your current clients, or with your current leads, or it may also be a project that involves only visits to your clients or only technical support. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Strategic Business Partnerships

Perhaps your company is at a stage in its evolution where you would prefer to use an external business development consultant on a flexible basis? Fluid Capital Solutions can partner with you and allow you to use our consultants on a part time basis, who can work with your company to the level that is currently needed by your business.

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