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Fluid Capital Solutions strives to work with clients in a cross-section of real estate, agriculture, health & wellness and technology.

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Over the last two centuries, most of the world’s wealth has have been created from investing in real estate. For the average investor, real estate offers the best way to develop significant wealth.  Real estate provides an important alternative investment vehicle that diversifies their overall portfolio and comprises one of only two asset classes that have consistently outperformed inflation over time.

For the average small investor, owning an office building, a local shopping center, a warehouse, or even an apartment complex is not a realistic possibility. However, private investment vehicles or real estate funds allow smaller investors to participate in the commercial marketplace by buying a fractional interest in those property types, without the hassle of daily management responsibilities, personal liability for mortgage payments or other carrying costs, while providing great potential for a passive income.

Although there are many sectors within the commercial real estate market, our primary focus is to fund the development of assisted living and self-storage facilities by pooling capital through our own sponsored private funds for the purpose of capturing capital appreciation and generating stable and predictable cash flow. Because these sectors do not correlate strongly with any specific economic environment, nor do they depend heavily on a rising real estate market, we believe our funds have the potential to outperform other asset classes regardless of short-term trends in the national economy or in the real estate market generally.

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