Tax Lien IRA

Discover How You Can Self-Direct Your IRA Funds Into A Managed Tax Lien Account

Contrary to popular belief that your IRA investment options are limited to stocks, bonds and mutual funds or bank CDs, you have the option of self-directing your IRA and other retirement plans into alternative investment vehicle that provides stable and predictable income.

Tax liens are unique in that they provide relatively high returns with low risk, which makes it a perfect fit for IRA funds. By purchasing municipally issued real estate tax liens, the lien holder assumes the government’s position and comes before virtually all other creditors. This provides the lien holder with a strong measure of financial growth and safety. Each tax lien certificate is secured by its underlying property, because taxes amount to only a small fraction of property value, owners and related lenders have significant motivation to redeem tax lien certificates rather than lose their assets. When the tax lien certificate is redeemed, the lien holder, receives the principal invested plus a fixed rate of return ranging from 10-25% interest per year. Approximately 95% of all tax lien certificates are paid off (redeemed) within three years of being issued.

By self-directing your IRA investments into a managed tax lien account, you can taking advantage of this valuable investment vehicle while maintaining a tax deferred status of your IRA.

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